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FAQ — Computer rooms


There is a labeled switch on the wall above the cable duct near the entrance door. One of the GZI computers is connected to the projector (if possible at the front of the corridor). This workstation is intended for the tutor. If a personal laptop laptop is to be used, the HDMI cable may be unplugged from the GZI computer. computer.

If the projector does not show the expected image even though it is switched on and connected to the Linux PC, this is usually because the relevant output of the PC is not active. This can be changed with the program gnome-control-center display. After the tutorial, do not forget to switch the projector off again and, if necessary, reconnect the HDMI cable to the GZI computer. The computers will of course remain switched on.

power consumption

To reduce unnecessary energy consumption, the PCs automatically go into suspend after 30 minutes. In addition, the monitors can be switched off manually, but this hardly saves any additional energy. The best way to wake up is like this:

  1. Check whether the monitor is switched on and switch it on if necessary.
  2. Press the Ctrl key to deactivate the screen saver (without entering a character).
  3. If nothing is visible, press the power button on the PC to end suspend.


Please also write to us about any problems that you were able to solve yourself for your accounts . We may be able to find a system-wide solution or share the solution you found with others.

Student accounts

If individual students do not yet have an account, please fill out the account application. Once all participants in the tutorial have submitted the application, you are welcome to write a support email stating that the accounts are needed in the ongoing tutorial. If everything goes well, they will be sent to the participants after a few minutes.

Ventilation devices

If the need arises again to remove water droplets containing viruses from the air, the air filter devices can be switched on using the red toggle switch. The windows can be opened additionally, but please close them again at the end of the event. Please direct questions about hygiene regulations to the dean of studies ( ).

Board marker

There is a board marker for each of you in M3-100.

Tutor room

Room V2-228 is available for you to prepare tutorials and offer consultation hours for the students at your event.

Closing control

At the end of a tutorial, please make sure that no one is left in the room and that the door is locked. V2-240 is not normally reserved for events but is intended to be available to students to work on exercises. Therefore, the door is automatically “unlocked” during GZI opening hours.


If you need a software package that is not installed in the GZI, please write an email to
We use the criteria on our website to decide whether to install the package.
For packages that we cannot install or software for which there is no Ubuntu package, there is the option to provide a volume for the software if someone can be found to install and maintain the software. This is a directory that is available on all TechFak computers from which the required software can be started in the desired version. For more information, see the RCINFO article .

Installing software in your personal home directory and then entering the paths into the configuration files by hand is not a good idea for several reasons!!