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In order to use our services, a separate account is required.

The following persons can obtain an account for the Faculty of Engineering's computer system:

  • Students who are enrolled in a degree program at the Faculty of Engineering,
  • Students from other faculties who are taking part in a course at the Faculty of Engineering for which they require an account,
  • Employees and research and student assistants of the Faculty of Engineering, CITEC or the CoR-Lab and
  • Visiting researchers and interns of the Faculty of Engineering of CITEC or the CoR-Lab.

Account application

You can create an application for an account on the following page. The account will then usually be made available to you within one day.

To the account application


The login is always the same for all services. It is typically generated from the first letter of the first name and the complete surname. For example, Joe User receives the login juser.


You are provided with three passwords for an account. The first is required for logging in, a separate password is valid for e-mails and the third is for access to our network. The following table provides an overview.

Designation Explanation
Login Log in to the computer workstations in the GZI or Services
E-Mail E-mail account for the TechFak.Uni.Bielefeld.DE domain
Network Log in to the network, WiFi, LAN, or VPN

For a new account, we set the login and mail password to the same. Please change the password as soon as possible on a system managed by us, e.g. in a computer pool room (see Workstations) or on (see Remote access). We recommend using different passwords so that passwords cannot be changed if a password is lost.

On our centrally managed systems, these passwords can be changed on the command line or in the terminal with tfpasswd login and tfpasswd mail, respectively.

The network password cannot be set by yourself. Instead, the password can be displayed with tfpasswd net. Your current mail password is required for this.

E-mail address

You will receive an e-mail address for each account.This address is made up of your login and the domain, e.g. To retrieve the e-mails you can either use our webmailer or set up the address in your e-mail client. You can find the settings in the following table:

Input Comment
IMAP server Incoming mail server
IMAP port 143 StartTLS
SMTP server Outgoing mail server
SMTP server 587 StartTLS
Password Personal password

You can find detailed instructions for various systems under e-mail.


As a student or employee, BITS offers a campus-wide WiFi network, eduroam. BITS offers instructions on how to connect a private device to the university WiFi. You will need a BITS account) for this. If you do not yet have one, please contact BITS.


In the CITEC building, we offer an additional citec WiFi. If you connect to this network, you will get access to the servers inside the TechFak network.


We offer rooms equipped with PCs for students. These are located in the main university building (UHG) in rooms V2-221 to V2-240 and in CITEC 1.306. There are PCs available where anyone can log in with our account.

Remote access

You can also access our systems remotely. In addition to a VPN service, we offer two other services. We differentiate between access to an interactive shell and access and transfer for data. You can find more information about the services under remote.

Account deletion

If the above-mentioned requirements for an account are no longer met, the account will be deleted after some time; typically after six months. Before deletion, we will contact the user via their e-mail address.