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Every incomming mail at TechFak is analysed by Rspamd, determining wether it is probably spam. Based on the result an individual spamscore is assigned to every mail. If the score is negative the mail has a high probability of not beeing spam. Mail having a score of 6 or more is marked as spam, mail having a score of 15 or more is refused.

Spam-Markers in Mailheaders

To inform about the results of Rspamd the mail is extended by the following headers:

Mail-Header Content (Example) Meaning
X-Spam-Level **** Score, coded as * for each whole number.
X-Spamd-Bar +++++ Score, coded as + for each whole number,
a - for each negative number.
If the score is zero a / is used.
X-Spam Yes This email is probably spam.
(This flag is set if the score is above 6.)

Filtern von Mails anhand des Rspamd Ergebnisses

Mail filters can be configured by the user as described somewhere below "E-Mail".

A filter, that moves every mail having a score > 4 into a folder named "Spam" looks like this: