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The email account is active as soon as it has been set up and can be used immediately with the Faculty of Technology's webmail server without any further set-up steps. The Faculty of Technology's webmail server can be accessed via the following links


  1. open the webmailer in the browser via one of the links above
  2. enter the username of the Technical University in the username field
  3. click on the password field and enter your personal password
  4. finally click on the arrow symbol.


Create filter

In the webmailer, filters can be created in the settings for e-mails. This can be used, for example, to automatically move e-mails with certain terms in the subject line or e-mails from users to subfolders. Several rules can also be added here, all of which must either match or at least one of which must match.
These filters are executed directly for incoming e-mails.

If settings have been changed, they must be saved by clicking on the green floppy disk symbol in the top right-hand corner.

Out of office message

An out-of-office message can be activated in the settings in case you are unavailable for a longer period of time.