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E-mail Programs


The manual setup of the Faculty of Technology's email account in an email program is always done differently. However, the following data is always requested:

Input Comment
IMAP server Incoming mail server
IMAP port 143 StartTLS
SMTP server Outgoing mail server
SMTP server 587 StartTLS
Password Personal password

Important: Connections to the Faculty of Technology's email server are exclusively encrypted.


We recommend using the freely available Thunderbird e-mail program. After entering the sender name, the email address and the personal password, the program will automatically find all settings. Simply confirm the remaining dialogues. The e-mail account is then completely set up.

If Thunderbird is already used for other e-mail accounts, the following manual procedure is recommended to set up the Faculty of Technology's e-mail address.

  1. Start the wizard for setting up a mailbox. To do this, click on Account settings in the menu, then on Account actions and then on Add email account....
  2. Enter the sender name, the email address of the Faculty of Technology and the password. Then click on Manually set up.
  3. Please refer to the General section for the necessary entries
  4. Check the settings via the Test first button
  5. If no errors are reported, complete the dialogue by clicking on the Done button