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Account application

If you would like to apply for an account to use the computer systems provided and maintained by the Rechnerbetriebsgruppe (RBG, the Computer System Operators) you have come to the right place. Accounts issued by the RBG can be used in most of the scientific institutes of the TechFak and at the Grundstudiumszentrum Informatik (GZI, the student computer pool).
If you have a problem with an existing account, please send an email to Please do not apply for an additional account! If required, we will modify your existing account to fit to your status. In that case you need to write an email to the above adress.
Please make sure that you read our Terms of Use. When you receive your account you will be presented with a form to sign, that you will adhere to them. Please choose if you would like to apply for a normal student account, a student assistent account, an employee or guest account. If you are applying for a student account and are in doubt which to choose, please use the normal student account!

Basic Information

If you did not receive your matriculation number yet you can hand it in later.

Application type


Non-TechFak students

Non-TechFak Students please provide details on the course you need your TechFak-account for. Check with the professor/lecturer that you will need access to the students computer pool.

Employees, guests or student-assistants

Please specify which institution you will be working in:

The data collected on this site will only be used to create a login, a mail-address and the application form (on paper) for the systems of the Faculty of Technology. Your first and last name can be shown to other users through our directory service. The deletion of the account can be requested by you at any time.
The general privacy guideline of the university applies.